10 Easy Ways to Mix Up Your Makeup Routine

Getting tired of following the same old makeup routine? Most of us ladies have two routines; our quick
and easy daily routine for work and our “going out” routine where we try a little harder. But there are
some easy ways that we can mix in a little excitement to our makeup routine without adding on any
extra time!

Change up your eyes.

1) Use colored eyeliner.

If you use black or brown eyeliner everyday, try mixing it up by using a colored eyeliner! Matching your
eye color can create a beautiful look.
– For Blue eyes: try a Green hue or Charcoal Gray
– For Green eyes: try an Emerald, Violet, or Copper
– For Hazel eyes: try a Gold or Brown
– For Brown or Black eyes: try a Purple or Blue

2) Bump up your mascara.

Maybe you’re used to using a simple mascara, or not even using one at all. But in the same amount of
time as usual you can swipe on a volumizing mascara to give your look some extra style! Try picking out

a mascara that markets itself as plumping, volumizing, or thickening and make sure to apply a few coats
with time to dry in between.
3) Glittery or metallic Smokey eyes.

If you put on regular eyeshadow, try layering in some subtle glitter. If it’s your night look and you like
doing a Smokey eye, step it up with a metallic Smokey eye!

4) Apply cat eyes.

Cat eyes don’t have to be scary. Take your regular eyeliner look and add an extra little wing! You’ll be
surprised out easy it is to do and how much extra sass it’ll add to your normal look.

5) Fill in your brows.

Bold brows are the new look. Frame your face by learning your brow shape and filling in your brow with
the correct color. You don’t need to go too bold for it to add an extra dimension to your face!

Add some oomph to your face.

6) Layer on blush.

If you usually don’t use a foundation, or only layer on one liquid or dry color – try layering on a colored
blush. Use on your cheek bones and brush upward for an extra rosy look to your face.

7) Or use a Bronzer.

Bronzer can prolong the sun-kissed look on your skin from summer. It’ll give an extra contour and color
to your face.

8) Use highlighter.

Highlighter is another way that you can create extra contour on your face. It gives you a nice dewy glow
when applied to your nose, cheekbones, inner corners of the eye, center of the forehead, and brow

Create luscious lips.

9) Try out a lipstick instead of gloss or chapstick.

Most of the time it’s easiest to simply apply a clear gloss or chapstick. However if you put aside another
minute or two you can step it up with some bold colored lipstick. Try out different colors of lipstick, lip
stain, or matte lipstick to get an updated look!

10) Or go even further and try Ombre lips!

Ombre lips are becoming more and more popular. Ombre lips are usually created by using lipliner, a
lipstick brush, and 3 different shades of lipstick in order to create a gradual color change. Here’s a guide
on how to create them.

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