Completely Clean Out Your Makeup Cabinet in 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning out your makeup area can be a hard and daunting task. Since we all love trying out new
products and mixing up our makeup routine, the pile can grow and grow. Before we know it, we can’t
even find our favorite products and we have three quarters of the way empty bottles laying around and
drying up everywhere! Detailed here is an easy 5 step process that will help you get your makeup
cabinet or drawer cleaned out in no time.

1) Take everything out of your cabinet, drawer, or bag.

Go through wherever you keep your makeup and completely empty it out! Put it all in one pile on a
towel somewhere (counter, bed, etc.). Do not leave one thing behind. Some of us keep our makeup
products in more than one area, so make sure to check everywhere. This is the most important step
because if you want to fully clean out the area you must have everything in one place to better assess
the situation. It also aids in clearing the bag or counter space so you can give the area a good cleaning!

2) Sort through everything that is on the towel.

Decide on three different categories to sort your makeup products into. We suggest everyday wear,
weekend/going out wear, and old or empty. Sort everything on the towel into these three piles. Throw
out anything in the old/empty pile right away! This will leave you with two piles of your usable and
current make up to work with.

3) Sort through your everyday wear and going out wear.

Do you have multiple of one item? Or products that you simply don’t use anymore? While certain
products might be usable, it doesn’t mean that they are necessary to keep. Be honest with yourself –
have you used the item in the past month? Do you still like the item? Minimizing and cleaning out your
makeup bag can allow you to feel more organized as well as rediscover old items or help you more easily
find your favorites!

4) Clean your remaining brushes and make up.

This step is very important. Now that you have gone through everything and decided what to keep – you
must take care of the products that you have chosen! Some of us are very careful with cleaning and
keeping everything tidy, but others are not. And that’s okay! But now would be the time to give
everything a good deep cleaning. If you don’t have a brush cleaner, get a bowl and fill with water
halfway. Fill the bowl with your brushes and leave in for 10 minutes. Afterward set them out to dry on a
towel. When it comes to your eyeshadows, bronzers, powders, etc. wipe off the outside and inside
around the product. Also give your wet products like glosses, lipsticks, and mascaras a cleansing wipe. A
lot of times gunk slowly builds up on these items as well. Don’t forget your eyelash curler either!

5) Clean out your cabinet, drawer, or bag.

Now that all of your products are squeaky clean, you don’t want to put them back in a dirty place. Take
this time to wipe out your cabinet, drawer, or bag with a baby wipe or damp cloth. Sometimes a little
soap will also be needed, or if it’s a bag that might be near the end of it’s days – time to get a new one!

Follow these steps every few months or so and both you and your makeup cabinet will be much happier
for it!

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