Wedding Day Looks That Photograph Well

You’ve chosen the groom, but what about your makeup? Your makeup on your wedding day can make or break your look. Every woman wants to feel her best on her big day, and this definitely includes what you decide to do with your makeup. However, sometimes your favorite look might not photograph well and it’s important to know which ones look best on camera.

The number one rule for makeup on your wedding day is to not go too crazy. Keep it natural with a little bit of a pop and you’ll be good to go! Make sure to show your personality, but it’s probably not best to walk down the aisle in your full face of clubbing make up. The different lens and flash settings on cameras make your makeup show up much differently than it does in person. For pictures that you’ll love for a lifetime, check out these tips!

Bold (but not too bold) brows.

Full brows are the way to go. They help to frame your face by adding much needed structure to the eye and photograph extremely well. Your face can get washed out easily when your brows are too thin. Fill them in with a brow pencil using light upward strokes until you reach a point where they are defined – but not too sharp or harsh looking. Make sure to choose a pencil that truly matches your hair color, or it won’t look natural.

Bright luscious lips.

If you have a favorite lip color, wear it on the day of your wedding! You’ll feel comfortable and sexy without questioning yourself and if your new color looks good all day. However, if you want to try a new color make sure to try it out for a few weeks in every possible situation before the wedding. Picking something bright can be a fun playful aspect of your makeup while keeping the rest natural and low key! Depending on your skin color, choose a nice coral, pink, or light red.

Natural smoky eyelids.

Smoky eyelids in a natural color palette photograph well and give your eyes the definition that they will need. Depending on the color you choose, a smoky eye can also make your eyes pop when being photographed instead of looking small and being lost on your face. If you have blue eyes, go for champagne and light brown tones. If you have green eyes, try a plum or soft purple. And if you have brown or darker eyes, lighten them up with bronze tones.

False lash beauty.

Whoever says you need to be all natural hasn’t experienced what false lashes can do for your eyes in a photograph. Most women are lacking the length, curl, or thickness that they want in their lashes, and your wedding day isn’t a day to be worried about these types of things! Start with a few coats of your favorite waterproof mascara, throw on (with proper gluing of course) your eyelashes, and voila! enhanced, red carpet ready lashes.

The Best Tip of All:  Trust a Professional

All eyes are on you on the big day, and the best investment you can make is in hiring a professional makeup artist. Take the guesswork and stress out of it and trust your look to a professional who will make you absolutely glow on your big day. Considering all the money you spend on things like decor, flowers, food, and pictures, they mean nothing if you don’t look your absolute best.

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