Wedding Day Make Up Tips That Are a Must

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life! Every woman wants to look her best and have the memories last a lifetime through beautiful photos. Here are four important tips that you can follow in order to have the perfect makeup on your big day.

1) Start early with clearing up your skin.
Clear skin is the ultimate base for a beautiful face of makeup! Whether you are doing your makeup yourself or have hired a makeup artist, you will be happy to have taken the time to work on your skin care routine. Try to get regular professional facials monthly for at least a few months leading up to the big day. However, make sure not to get any extractions for at least a month before to prevent any irritation or redness. Also remember to keep a strict regimen of washing your face daily and using the proper toners, moisturizers, etc. for your skin.

2) Make sure that you have white teeth.
Bright, white teeth will make sure that your lipstick stands out on your wedding day. Aim to cut out teeth staining drinks like dark wine or coffee for a few weeks before the event. There are a few great ways that you can work on gaining back white teeth! Some ways include natural remedies, at home whitening kits, or even professional whitening.

3) Find the right makeup artist and do a trial round!
One of the most important things you can do is to find a makeup artist that you love. Don’t just settle on the first one you find, but instead interview a few different artists. Choose the one that you feel will best be able to bring your dream wedding day make up to fruition and who matches your style. Ask them to do a trial run or two with ample enough time before the wedding to make any changes or work out kinks.

4) Hide any last-minute breakouts.  
We all know that wedding planning can be stressful and sleep can be lost, especially the last few days before the event! A surprise pimple or two may pop up here and there, so it’s important to have a plan to hide those uninvited guests. Make sure that your wedding day makeup kit includes a concealer to dab on for any problem areas. Top with some translucent powder and nobody will even know the difference!

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