When Is The Right Time to Schedule a Makeup Trial For Your Wedding?

pic1 There are so many details that go into planning a wedding. The perfect dress, venue, flowers – the list goes on and on. But what do you do when it comes to your makeup? If you’ve chosen to use a makeup artist, you’ll want to make sure that they understand your style as well as your vision for your wedding day. Your makeup artist should be able to match the theme of your wedding as well as your hairstyle for the big day.

Although it’s a personal decision, setting up one – or even a few, trials ahead of time can alleviate any room for error or stress on your wedding day. However, when do you schedule these trials? When is the right time for you?

If you just want to give the makeup artist a test run for quality before you sign a contract.

If you are worried about clicking with your makeup artist, then it’s smart to get your trial set up for right after you find your dress. We all know how it is with hair dressers, we find who we like and stick with them! It’s the same with makeup artists. Setting up an early trial gives you ample time to find another artist if you aren’t pleased with the one you first chose.

If you just really aren’t sure what you want and need to explore.

Some brides know exactly what they want. Others have no idea! Either they don’t have a very specific makeup style already or don’t wear makeup regularly, and need some direction. Exploration is the best cure for this problem! Many things come into play in regards to the perfect makeup look for the big day; your face shape, wedding dress, and hair texture. Let a professional (or a few) explore these things for you. Sit back, relax, and check out your options! From there, you can choose what you like best.

pic2If you know what you want, but you’re very picky.

And here is the kind of bride we previously spoke about – the picky one that knows exactly what she wants. There is nothing wrong with this, it’s great that you have a vision! However, sometimes it is hard to find the perfect makeup artist that falls in line with your vision. The biggest tip for finding the right artist is to stay honest and straightforward. Don’t say you like something when you don’t. Your makeup artist is here to make sure that YOU like the look – not them! It’s your big day and they love to help you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin. If it’s the right artist for you, she will adapt and be willing to put you at ease. Try to schedule your trials at least six months in advance to ensure that you’ve found the right artist.

If you have skin issues or acne, and are worried about treating them properly.

We all have issues with our appearance. For some of us it’s complexion, acne, etc. But whatever you’re worried about, you shouldn’t have to feel insecure on your wedding day! As a bride, your big day shouldn’t be riddled with worries about being shiny, not having enough coverage, or looking good in your pictures. If you feel like this might be a problem, make sure to schedule your makeup consultations as soon as possible.


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